DURAGREEN(TM) fibre cement cladding and roofing : Korean Vietnam Fertilizers (KVF) factory project

DURAGREEN(TM) fibre cement cladding : Korean Vietnam Fertilizers (KVF) factory project Project owner: Hu-Chem Korea Contractor: Antaco Key project facts: 🏗 Scope of supply: total of 15.000 sqm of DURAGREEN(TM) fibre cement currugated sheet for cladding and roofing; areas where highly corrosive chemical are stored and processed.

🏗 Project location: Hiepphuoc Industrial Zone, HCMC, Vietnam 🏗 Project completion: Jul 2018 🏗 Main challanges: 30 meter high tower always face high wind; under is heavy equipment which constantly vibrated.

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