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Fiber cement boards are now popular with many different applications:

1. Ceiling.

Fiber cement boards is one of the greatest options for ceiling application because it offers strength, durability and elasticity together. Their interesting and elegant styles and easy-to-use property also make them a great choice for ceilings. You can also install downlights and paint the boards as per your interest.

One of the keys of fiber cement ceiling is thin and light weight, which support to install easily for both concealed ceiling and exposed grid ceiling as well.

2. Flooring.

There are two ways you can use fiber cement board for flooring:

The first way, fiber cement boards are used as floor underlay on which you can install laminate, parquet floor tiles and ceramic tiles for decorative and beauty purposes.

And the other way, you can also show off the bare texture of the board by cleaning its surface, applying primer onto the surface and then applying paint coats to prevent scratches.

These installations don’t take a lot of time and offers high impact strength.

3. Interior and Exterior Wall.

Currently, in modern house, reinforced concrete frame structure is used as main bearing structure; and the traditional way still being used is to use brick walls as a structure to divide the space and cover the building. With a large weight (up to 200kg / Square Metre ), brick walls will create a significant static load on the frame structure. Thus, not only the structure of reinforced concrete frame must be strengthened to be stronger, but the foundation of the building must also be larger, to be able to support the entire weight of the above structure. Therefore, the need to use lighter materials has become extremely urgent. In that trend, lightweight bulkhead materials made of cellulose fiber cement panels are gradually gaining a good advantage compared to traditional bulkhead materials and are accepted by the market.

Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom wall or the exterior wall of a building, fiber cement boards are best for all. You can also use them to decorate your already built cement walls and transform the look of a place. The boards give a smooth finish to the walls and crack-free surface for painting. Also, unlike wood siding, fiberboard siding doesn't rot or require frequent repainting. It offer protection from fire, moisture and termite, and performs well in natural disasters, they are great for security purposes.

Tips for selecting fiber cement board.

Although the content of cellulose fibers is not much, only 4 to 9 percent, it is the major component of strength and determines the quality of sheets. So, you should choose fiber cement products that contain a large percentage of cellulose fiber.

Also consider for products that incorporate fly ash, which is more eco-friendly than Portland cement.

Always choose your fiber cement siding with low VOC paints, primers and other sealants for use.

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