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Revolutionary high rise building material substitue: Fiber cement board

Actualizado: 26 de mar de 2020

A new genaration of construction material has changed the global construction industry, especially give high rise building not only robust core but also and aesthetic finish. That is Fiber cement board quickly becoming the best material suitable for all types of constructions. This new-age construction material brings many advantages to the construction industry.

Fiber cement board is mainly made of cellulose fibers, cement and sand. Fiber cement board is a perfect choice for any type of building because of its minimal maintenance cost, durability and fine finish in the long run.


Transportation of heavy building materials for high rise building project has many difficulties. such ass water scarcity or bricks are used as the backbone of construction. However, fiber cement board is 6 times lighter than bricks, thus making transportation a hassle-free job. The lightweight property of this innovative building material is attracting many architects and contractors.

Faster Construction

When transportation time is shorten, the construction automatically starts happening at a faster rate. Not only Fiber cement board installation is 4 times faster than brick walls but it also saves up to 25-40% labour cost. So, for example, instead of spending 1 year to build a high rise building using bricks, we only spend 3 months with fiber cement board.

Water Resistant

Water-resistant capability is regarded as the most outstanding advantage of fiber cement board. Whether the area receives heavy rainfall or has hot and humid weather, fiber cement board exists longer than its competitors by decades. It will not rot regardless of how much it rains extremely or get wet.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

There is no repair or maintenance required although high rise building is necessary to have upkeep of both exterior and interior. The reason is that fiber cement board has its own naturally durable property in a matter of year. Furthermore, this material does not fade, chip or peel and is fire and insect resistant as well.

Fire Resistant

The combination of cement, silica, and special grade cellulose fiber makes fiber cement board resistant to fire. Fiber cement board carries Class (A) fire/flame spread rating – the highest rating possible such as Duragreen fiber cement board. So, even if the high-rise is not in a fire-prone area, having the exterior covered in fiber cement board can keep the building protected from accidental fire.

Architects and contractors choose fiber cement board for the exterior of a high-rise building. No matter what the style of the architecture is, this versatile material can seamlessly fulfill all the requirements. Choose from any of the popular manufacturers like Duragreen fiber cement board will result in a faster and most satisfying way.

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