Ten easy steps to fixing a weather proof fiber cement roof

The fixing of a fibre cement roof can be accomplished by most people if they follow these ten easy steps in conjunction with the illustrations opposite. In order to weatherproof the roof, the butyl strip must be installed as described on page 13 , and mitres cut to avoid having four thicknesses of sheeting in the same plane at the junctions of sides and end laps.

1 Lay sheet number 1 at the eaves without mitring. 2 Lay sheet number 2, mitring bottom right hand corner as per the illustration opposite. 3 Lay sheet number 3, mitring as per step 2. Continue up the roof slope to complete the first tier. 4 Lay sheet number 4 at the eaves of the next tier, mitring the top left hand corner as per the illustration opposite. 5 Lay sheet number 5, mitring both top left hand and bottom right hand corners as per illustration opposite, and continue up the slope until ready to lay sheet number 6 at the ridge. 6 Lay sheet number 6 at the ridge, mitred as per step 2. 7 Repeat the procedure from and including step 4, working across the roof from eaves to ridge, until there is room for only one more tier to be laid, on the right hand edge. 8 Lay sheet number 7, mitring the top left hand corner. If necessary, reducing the sheet width by cutting down the right hand edge. All subsequent sheets in this final tier should be cut accordingly.

9 Lay sheet number 8 as per step 7, continuing up the roof slope until ready to lay the final sheet at the ridge. 10 Lay sheet number 9 at the ridge without mitring to complete the roof.

Laying sequence:


----‐-------------------------‐----‐-------------------------------------- Notes 1 On a duo pitch roof start both slopes from the same end of the building. One slope will therefore be sheeted left to right, the opposite slope will be sheeted right to left. 2 The corrugations of sheets must line up at the apex to ensure that the ridge accessories will fit. 3 When cranked crown sheets are used, both top courses of roofing sheets and the cranked crowns themselves must be mitred. 4 Always lay sheets with the correct end and side laps , as detailed elsewhere in this booklet. 5 Do not cut mitres in situ.

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