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The Exposure of Fiber cement board

Actualizado: 17 de dic de 2019

Nowadays, the non-asbestos fiber cement board has been recognized and adopted by more and more designers, and constantly applied in a variety of construction projects and parts. Fiber cement is used for both residential and commercial buildings. Most commonly it is used in the form of flat sheets but it is also found as corrugated sheets for fencing and roofing. Therefore, the exposure of fiber cement board ( FCB) depends on the applications.

When the surrounding air changes, FCB used for internal and external wall will experience significant changes in humidity and temperature. There will be corresponding changes in humidity. The result of both temperature and humidity changes is causing FCB to change in dimension. It will expand when increasing the temperature or humidity and shrink when with there decreases. It may also be subjected to mechanical stresses due to movement of the building structure from the influence of temperature, wind or earthquake.

Externally exposed FCB is also exposed to aggressive chemicals in the environment such as acid pollutants from power station emissions, naturally occurring CO2 etc.

Internally exposed CFRC is usually more protected from changes in temperature and humidity but may be subject to continuous wetting and attacks from aggressive cleaning agents such as soaps, wetting agents and detergents. It may also be subject to mechanical stresses induced by movement of the building structure.

So, DuraGreen suggests you that :

The enviroment of out door application is much more complex than that indooor. Therefore, the requirements of the board are much higher. You should consider wind pressure, rain-snow dynamic loading, so the board should at least guarantee the following mechanical performance : Bending strength, MD/CD strength ratio, elasticity modulus, shear strength, compressive strength and impact strength.

Choose high quality fiber cement board from Duragreen and If necessary, when used externally, fiber cement should be painted or otherwise coated.

Duragreen Fiber Cement Board is particularly suitable for use behind tiling in wet areas because of it’s waterproof.

Duragreen Fiber Cement Board is also as backer boards for counter tops or wet area internal lining boards and these should be covered and protected.

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